Line Extensions (2020)

Since 2014 Quantum X has been accompanying the now almost comet-like ascent of the Kaiserstühler vintner cooperative society to being a TOP wine producer. Above all, in the last two years their consistent quality offensive appears to be reflected in great successes at famous international tasting competitions.

In the performance tests of expert magazines like WEINWIRTSCHAFT and VINUM, IHRINGER belong regularly among the best cooperatives. Even at Meininger’s red wine and sparkling wine prize, the Kaiserstühler cooperative offered their products with great success and gained the same points as wine and sparkling wine houses of the first order (who charge considerably more for their products, however). Even at the so-called Oscars of the wine competitions, the grand AWC Vienna award ceremony, one was now twice consecutively victorious and world champion for red wine as well as for white wine, that is the best wine in its class worldwide. Hats off!

The just over 600 member vintners, as well as the responsible dream team consisting of cellar master Werner Haßler and director Volker Paschke, have done a remarkable job here.

Of course, we at Quantum X are following this positive development with great joy. Not least because, with the continuous striving for quality, marketing for IHRINGER has taken a big step forward. If, in the first phase of our collaboration, the focus was at first on the assortment profile and on only three core series (Link: quantum-x.de/projekte/ihringer-sonne-und-wein-vom-kaiserstuhl/), the time was finally right to risk new line extensions. In this way one can talk to new customer groups in a targeted way, sidestep strong competition in other segments somewhat, close gaps in the market and, not least, raise one’s own quality image.

It was against this backdrop that the optically and flavourfully charming wines were created, all of which are able to achieve great awards and sales numbers: Uringa 962 Réserve – a super premium version at the pinnacle of quality, INTENSO Pinot Noir – a red wine with a pronounced aromatic richness reminiscent of Italian trend wines like Appassimento, Amarone or Doppio Passo and their independent and young line INIQUE, which represents uncomplicated, but very delectable cuvées.

All of these wines set themselves apart from the core assortment in the high-end area by virtue of their original flavour profile and their level of quality and should thus go their own special way optically too.

In 2021 they were joined by a “PIWI” wine, that is a particularly fungus resistant type which usually requires almost no plant protection treatment. The label of the Souvigner Gris, at first sight, transmits the important message that here we have an environmentally friendly product, and with the label too a lot of importance was thus placed on sustainability – it consists of 15% grape pulp and 40% post-consumer recycled fibres.