German Wine Group

Heimat (2021)

Although "Original G" was first conceived only for export, this wine series will soon be available on the domestic market as well.

In the international markets German wine lacks a distinctive recognizable feature that draws attention to its heritage. Since one associates Dirndl and Lederhosen almost all over the world with German life and enjoyment culture the facilities design of Original G fully embraces the symbolic power of Tracht and Folklore in order to be recognized immediately by the customer as a German wine. After this brand, developed by Quantum X for the export company “German Wine Group” with these admittedly cliched but also effective images, had stared its journey onto the international markets there followed “unplanned” distribution here at home as well: A sector giant in the discount business absolutely wanted the wines for the German market. And across the board at that!

Thus this brand concept revealed itself to be a very successful coup. That this new interpretation of German Tracht on a wine label is well received at home too pleases us especially. The basic series consisting of one white wine, one red wine and one rose wine has been recently listed nationally by the mentioned discounter and only minimally adapted by us for this purpose. Original G now no longer stands simply for G as in “Germany” but also above all for enjoyment (“Genuss”). And enjoyment from the homeland in fact. Where German wine is cultivated, something special always prospers: alongside a fine drop, also a style of life that is shaped by handiwork, culture, tradition and enjoyment. Above all this is represented by the people who are closely linked to the viticulture, whether it be in the vineyard or the wine cellar. Nature-loving country bumpkins, just like we are, and precisely for that reason they are our heroes on the front label. You can read more about “Original G” here: