Conversion to Organic Viticulture (2021)

The Winkler winery in Steinweiler on the southern German Wine Route is a typical Palatine family winery. Well, perhaps not quite so typical, because the Winkler family has two special passions. One is love for the Baltic and the Bay of Lübeck, which led to the Winklers opening their own wine bar and, with "Bottled in Lübeck" (, creating a wine brand especially for the customers’ palate in the high north.

The other passion of the Winklers is the topic of sustainability. As a vintner, Andreas Winkler works very closely with nature. His logical consequence drawn from discernible changes in the environment was to convert his winery from conventional to organic viticulture.

After Quantum X had already had the honour of developing the wine series "Bottled in Lübeck" for him, Andreas Winkler turned to us once again after successfully achieving organic certification. Now it was time to rework the winery’s wine facilities and complete corporate design including logos in order to make the wholly new direction clearly visible.

Regarding sustainability, for that matter, Andreas Winkler goes a lot further than what is required by the organic seal. This includes e.g. low-impact management of resources such as paper and packaging materials. In this way, in cooperation with him, we devised a new packaging wrapper which serves simultaneously as an image folder too and is tailored to the customer’s individual requests. Thus the usage of materials in his mailings can be reduced to a minimum.

Additionally, care is taken so that regional providers are involved in production.

The result is a lovely overall appearance and, along with a good feeling, also recognition that organically cultivated and developed wines have a lot of soul and character.