Brand relaunch (2020)

DEUTSCHES WEINTOR eG, headquartered in Ilbesheim in the Palatinate, is one of the most important vintner cooperative societies in Germany and an important supplier to the national grocery retail trade. Sales rose to 19.6 million litres in the year 2019 and the brand has belonged for years to the best-known in German supermarkets.

However, German Weintor would like to grow further. A brand relaunch is to open new opportunities here and Quantum X was permitted to offer holistic support.

After around 12 months of development, at the end of 2020 the relaunch was successfully completed. Here we overhauled the facilities as well as the umbrella brand with a view to significance and recognisability. Since the food retail is the focus of sales, the effect from the shelves had to be constantly kept in mind.

The brand, consisting of the stylized wine gate and the strong brand name, became clearer and more catchy; through a special imprinting the wine gate was strongly enhanced and today is more clearly recognizable as such. This underlines the authenticity which, as we know, plays a decisive role with wine. The Palatinate as heritage was also brought into the foreground for the first time because it enjoys a good reputation in matters of wine. As an authentic brand, one can and should absolutely take advantage of that.

Conclusion: the promise of quality is now perfectly conveyed. Clearly, the wine customers also see it this way because they are helping themselves more eagerly still now.